Welcome to WOW Trivia

  1. You will receive points for each correct answer.
  2. Questions difficulty range from easy (1 star), medium (2 star), and hard (3 star). The more difficult the question the more points you earn.
  3. The time limit to answer a question is 30 seconds. If time expires you will not be able to answer the questions and will be moved to the next question.
  4. For multiple choice questions, at 15 seconds you’ll get a HINT.
  5. Each round contains 10 questions.
  6. While the timer is running, the “More/Setting” and “User Stats” button will be disabled.
  7. Checkout the “Rankings” and aim to be #1. Only the top 20 (max points) user will be shown.
  • UPGRADE to PREMIUM to remove all ADS.

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Good luck!